How do parents get through the school holidays?

Parents are you dreading having the kids home for the next two weeks?

Do you wonder what your are going to do with them that won’t cost a small fortune?

Planning ahead and prioritising self care are key ways to get through the holidays without everyone getting angry or escalating behaviours. The kids don’t need to be doing big activities every day of the holidays just a few nice things to do together as a family is great to build on family relationships and make memories.

Yes there are activities you can pay for such as the zoo, reptile park, movies, bowling, the list is endless but in most cases the funds are not. Sometimes they offer specials for families and you can google special offers and some sites offer discounts if purchased online.

But there are lots of other free things you can do with the kids, libraries often have activities on during the holidays, some community centres are also offering activities for a small fee. Rather than have them sat in front of the TV or no a device the whole day, go for a bushwalk or play footy on the beach, just excuse its too cold to swim doesn’t mean you cant play on the sand. Get them in the kitchen to help cook a dinner or to make something yummy for afternoon tea. If you have a garden, start growing your own veggies from the scraps of ones you have used, Celery, Lettuce, Kale, Spinach, Spring Onion, Leek, Bok Choy, Potatoes, Garlic and Ginger are just some of the things that can be grown from their stalks or stems. Google will provide detailed information on how to do this, its saves money, you have an endless supply of veggies at no extra cost and its fun for the kids to plant, water and pick when ready.

If you have an outside area and smaller children a bowl of water and cornflour will provide hours of fun, when wet the cornflour holds together but if you hold it in your hand out of the water it instantly dries and crumbles.

Paint a pebble or a rock, do some colouring or make a nice mess with glue and glitter or beads.

Get the board games out of the cupboard, we cant play Monopoly in this house because it ends up with an argument but often play Scrabble, Yahtzee or Cluedo. These can be picked up cheaply at most Vinnies/Salvos stores.

Most importantly take care of yourself, while there is a constant request for snacks or drinks or longer on the iPad, be sure to take time for yourself. If possible keep up your usual fitness/yoga regime and if you do this online get the kids involved. If you cant get to your usual exercise or yoga class, there are lots of free options online. If none of these are possible then just take time to breath and centre each day, even if this means locking yourself in the bathroom for 10minutes peace

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