Child Protection and Misconduct

Child Safe Standards Compliance And Training

We provide support with your Child Safe Practice standards in line with Child Safe Standards for organisations requiring Child Safe Organisation approval.  Remote support provided to review your organisational policies and processes and recommend amendments to ensure they meet Child Safe Standards. 

Training To Identify, Respond To And Report Child Abuse

We can provide tailored training for your staff, contractors, and volunteers in line with Child Safe Standards and the Child and Young Persons care and protection Act 1998 to ensure that all staff can identify, respond, and report concerns of Risk of Significant Harm to the appropriate statutory authority. 

Reportable Misconduct

We can provide tailored training for your staff to ensure they know what reportable Misconduct is and what the process is should they receive an allegation, this training also involves training on professional practice to ensure they are working within boundaries to prevent allegations of misconduct.