About Hurstfield Consulting

Meet Laura

Laura Hurstfield has over 20yrs experience as a Social Worker, Parenting Practitioner and Compliance Officer for Children’s services and NDIS organisations.

Hurstfield Consulting offers flexible service delivery, whether it’s parenting programs, child protection training or compliance.  All services are tailored to your organisation, taking into consideration the needs of your clients, staff, and legislative requirements.

Parenting programs are offered online or face to face. The online option means you don’t need to provide a staff member to co-facilitate, we can cover all Parent program funding requirements in the background not impacting the day-to-day work of your frontline staff.

Training and Compliance by Hurstfield Consulting gives you the flexibility to call on us when needed, you don’t need a permanent employee sat at a desk, we are on call for all your child protection, misconduct, and compliance needs.

Client Love

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our happy clients have to say

I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism, dedication, and expertise. Laura is an exceptional social worker who has made a significant impact on the lives of people in the communities that we work.

Laura is a compassionate and caring individual who always goes above and beyond to ensure that our participants receive the highest level of support possible. She has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by our community and works tirelessly to help them overcome these challenges and improve their quality of life.

Laura’s communication skills are excellent, and she always take the time to listen to people’s concerns and needs. Laura is skilled at building rapport and establishing a level of trust that is essential for successful outcomes.

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